Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tops of Texas story

Beautiful Opportunity

Mary Garvin
School Paper
October 12, 2007

Tommy Noble checked the road one last time before he let his oldest daughter, Kirstin, have permission to leave. Kirstin would be one her way to Sylvan learning center in Abilene, for help in math. It was January 13, around 8:30 a.m., and cold. The road was dotted with thin ice patches, and her breathe turned into little clouds when she exhaled.

“It was weird, because my little sister Kallie was supposed to come with me,” Kirsten said. “God totally spared her from what was about to happen.”

The road was fine until nine-mile hill, then something life changing took place. At the top of the hill, Kirstin’s white pick up lost control, slipping on thin ice and flipping once before sending Kirstin through the driver’s seat window.

“It was a good ten or fifteen minutes before anyone found me,” Kirstin said. “So I just laid there.”

Kevin Hudson was on his way home from Abilene when he saw a fireman running up a hill, that’s when he saw Kirstin’s pick up.

“As soon as I saw the truck I pulled over,” Hudson said. “The fireman said it might be Kirstin Noble, and when I saw those distinctive eyes, those bright blue eyes, I knew it was her.”
Hudson called 911, and quickly covered Kirsten with his jacket as the off-duty fireman immobilize Kirstin’s legs to prevent her from further injury.

When Kirstin arrived at the hospital, she had developed hypothermia from the low temperatures. She had suffered compression fractures in two vertebrae, a broken back, and two broken ribs which collapsed one of her lungs.

The younger of the two blue eyed sisters, Kallie Noble, said that she was scared, but also releived God had a plan just for Kirstin.

“Even though it seems like something horrible, I think that God has been so good to my family.” Kallie Noble said. “She knows that God is going to heal her, and I think that’s how she’s been so strong.”

After five weeks in the hospital, Kirstin faces challenges she never thought she would have to face. Like learning to walk again.

“At the beginning of physical therapy, I couldn’t sit up in a chair without passing out.” Kirsten said. “I literally had to have two big guys holding me up just to function. But I had to keep on fighting.”

Simple things like walking, cleaning her room, favorite stores and places or certain walkways, and even spending time with friends have become a new challenge in everyday life for the seventeen year o ld senior. Even some restrooms that claim handi-capped accessible, aren't.

“Its so aggravating sometimes. Things that my friends want to do, sometimes I can’t do them, and I have to say no.” Kirstin said. “But I mean I cant blame them. It’s the kind of thing you never think about it unless your in that situation.”

Things have changed, and have gotten more difficult for her, but she says that although this was indeed a disaster, it has also been an opportunity. She says that has learned so much, and her family will agree that this has pulled them closer together. It has been a beautiful disaster.

“It was a disaster, but it was also a beautiful opportunity. I’ve learned so much, I've learned so much,” Kirstin said. “It’s made me so much stronger. I want people to know that I’ve learned many lessons through this.”

Throughout her highschool years, Kirstin has maintained a high grade average, been a varsity and JV cheerleader, member of the school volleyball team, state vocal finalist, participant in rodeos, and just this school year she has been nominated for student council Vice President. She also preforms the Star spangled banner at schol pep rallies, and rodeos.

“She is wonderful, beautiful, and strong woman.” Kirstin’s boyfriend Bucky Nail said. “Her spirits have been so high through this whole experience. She’s definitely the toughest girl I know.”

Kirstin is now back at school, and doing undergoing physical therapy and driving again.
“I was so worried I wasn’t going to get to drive. I like to be independent, and I was just so excited and glad I had something to drive! Especially something that nice.” Kirstin said. “My parents were scared, but when I drive it was just like before, and its alright. I know someone’s looking out for me.”

Kirstin said that what kept her going through all of the pain, was the dream she had kept in her heart since she was in kindergarten; being a veterinarian. She knew that if she could just get through physical therapy, even with a brace on her ankle, she could achieve her dream. Kirstin received a scholarship from the Lions Club as their elected sweetheart, and plans to go to Tarelton State University for her Pre-med next fall, and then go on to Texas A&M for her full med.

“Yeah, its disappointing to not be able to cheerlead or play volleyball, because it is my senior year.” Kirstin said. “But I know that high school isn’t everything and that I get to move on and live my life. I’m so fortunate that I’m alive.”

Kirstin’s mom Karen Noble said that Kirstin has never asked why, or complained that God allowed something to go wrong. Karen said that her daughter has always known that God was going to use this experience to give him glory, and that he would heal her.

“I know that people on the news talk about brokenness a lot…and I know there are a lot of bad people out there.” Kirstin said. “but what I want people to know is that for every one ‘bad person’, there is at least five ‘good people’, you just have to know where to look.”

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